Training with Creative English – laughing our way to better English!

Creative English is a proven, community-based, English language teaching programme that provides learning courses suitable for all levels of English, particularly suitable for those with little or no English language skills. Participants who are more confident and have more advanced English can really improve their English also by helping those with less skills and even becoming volunteers and facilitators within the programme.

By using a drama-based teaching method, that uses scenarios, props and flash cards within peer to peer, group/pair work, role-play and games, participants acquire every-day, practical English covering topics such as health, going to the doctor / hospital, shopping and the local community and housing. Participants have also found the topics related to work very useful, including job interviews and volunteering. We have found the Creative English programme to be a fantastic platform to also provide information and sign-post participants to other opportunities, services and sources of support linked to the subjects covered.

We have been delivering Creative English classes alongside other social gatherings for more than 3 years now and many participants have improved their English and made new friends as a result of coming to classes. You can find out more about the background to our Creative English class in the page within this blog: ‘Our Creative English Journey’.

Our group has undergone quite a few changes over the last 6 months with many new participants joining and becoming volunteers – so we decided it was time to breathe some new life into our class! Dr Anne Smith, the creator and developer of Creative English came all the way up to Salford from her base in London to visit us and deliver training to our group over what was two very fun and enjoyable days!

Participants involved in our January 2020 training with Dr. Anne Smith (far right)

Getting involved in the training has provided an opportunity for volunteers to learn how to facilitate the Creative English method within learning sessions as well as practice and improve their own communication, confidence and leadership skills. We became much more familiar with how to facilitate the informal games, dramatized stories and play-based activities that make the Creative English learning syllabus so much fun whilst being accessible to all. Dr. Anne Smith was very supportive and gave us confidence to continue delivering our Creative English class for the diverse, multi-ethnic community of Salford.

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