A First Excursion… Our Visit to Ordsall Hall in Salford

For our first excursion we wanted to visit the beautiful Ordsall Hall, a fantastic example of a great Tudor house, situated in our own area Salford.  The house has had a long and interesting history and dates back to 1177! Participants and volunteers thought it would was important to explore a local museum where participants can easily re-visit with friends and family in the future.

We were able to enjoy a special tour specifically designed for those whose first language is not English, provided by two very knowledgeable and friendly tour guides which really made the visit very interesting and fun! There was so much to do and discover and we even took part in a quiz!

Our tour guide explaining how kitchen apparatus was used in Tudor times.

Participants enjoyed dressing up as Tudors and tried on some chainmail, exploring the different rooms and places within the great house with plenty of time to ask questions and discuss the different artefacts on display.

We spent an enjoyable amount of time sat at the Tudor dining table learning about foods that would have been cooked at the Hall in the 1500s. We were all fascinated to learn about different recipes and what you would eat if you were the wealthy land owner or a servant at the other end of the table!

Participants were fascinated to discover more about the way of life for people living in tudor times and how the owners of the property would have spent their time. The tour staff answered many questions and added a real buzz to our day which added to what was a very enjoyable time spent with friends exploring the house and gardens. We also found time to enjoy some tea and cake in the museum cafe!

The gardens surrounding Ordsall Hall are designed to showcase garden elements popular throughout history such as the late Tudor style knotĀ garden, medieval herb gardens and orchards which provided participants with plenty of inspiration for our own Paradise Garden rebuild design. The traditional 20th century allotment that can be explored at Ordsall Hall also provide a fantastic example of the kinds of fruit and vegetables that can be grown within a relatively small space throughout the year.