A New Project: Making Friends & Learning English Through Culture & Nature

The Creative English programme we have delivered over the last 4 years focuses on a wide range of topics such as health, public transport, recognising landmarks, seasonal events and festivals amongst many more (see the ‘Our Creative English Group’ page within this blog for more info). Following the catastropic fire that decimated The Ascension Church in February, 2017, the Creative English classes relocated to our nearby sister church of St. Paul’s Church, Pendelton, Salford.

Volunteers and participants at a Creative English class at St. Paul’s Church

Many of the discussions involved in the learning activities within classes have covered UK culture, history and heritage. To continue and expand these learning activities, we are now delivering a new project alongside our current Creative English activities. This new project goes beyond the class-room, with regular, ‘field-trips’ to iconic, cultural, historical and scenic places across Greater Manchester and its rural surroundings so that participants can learn about nature, ecology, heritage and gardening, linked into our Paradise Garden rebuild programme whilst practicing English and making friends!

Developing friendships is an important part of our Creative English programme

The field trips will involve group discussions, research and planning prior to trips, focusing on building the confidence of participants to fully participate in the experiences on offer, using and practicing English in everyday situations, acquiring vocabulary and ideas for future class-room based activities with related, Creative English revision around related themes.  

We are really excited about this new project as it will provide an opportunity for participants to interact, make friends and experience cultural UK heritage and nature, enabling participants to better integrate and access the life of the whole community around them. Moreover, this project will also enable the local community itself to move forward in a positive way, following the devastating fire of February, 2017, offering the opportunity for growth, change and engagement across the community.

Volunteers enjoying the Paradise Garden before the fire of Feb, 2017.